American Visa

The American visa process has been put in place in order to regulate the people who enter the country, this is strictly regulated. Those who are travelling from within the European Union can usually obtain a visa to America with ease, although this must still complete the relevant applications to gain entry.

Tourists who wish to visit the US may require to obtain a visa, although this is dependent upon their own circumstances. The USA Tourist Visa allows an individual to enter the United States for purposes of tourism only, this does not allow an individual to work. The normal process for the visa is to supply a six month stay, once this at the end or close to the end an individual is a position to ask for an extension.

In order to apply for a tourist visa there are a full list of documents and practices which an individual will have to complete. The first step is to pay the application processing fee which is related to the checking of the visa. Once the application form has been completed an individual must then schedule and attend an interview with their local US Embassy or Consulate.

Numerous other supporting application forms must also be completed by the applicant. Supporting evidence must also be gathered and presented as to why the tourist visa should be granted. Once this process has been completed the US Embassy or Consulate will consider the application and either reject or grant the visa.

Some individuals may not require to visit the US for tourist reasons may require to visit due to business reasons. Such reasons can include holding or attending meetings, attending professional conventions, purchasing property, for contract negotiations, taking professional exams or numerous other business reasons.

In general the application for a business visa is relatively simple and follows a similar process to obtaining a tourist visa. The US Embassy will need to establish whether the reasons for travel provided are genuine, if they find that they are not they will choose to reject the visa.

America has one of the highest amounts of visa applications and therefore those wishing to travel are advised to apply early. The visa and immigration department is regarded as one of the most sophisticated in the world. Those who enter on tourist visas must leave when they finish or they will be questioned when they do eventually try to leave the country. The same stands for those who enter the country on a student visa or any other which provides a strict date for when they must leave.