Asbestos related illness

There are many people who have been affected with asbestos related illnesses, and there have also been many asbestos related illness compensation claims in recent times. Asbestos is a material that was in the past considered to be an excellent construction material used as a fire retardant. Although problems soon emerged that if asbestos is inhaled it damages the lungs of humans. Due to this many employees in old factories and other areas have inhaled asbestos as it was used when the building was constructed. Anybody who inhales asbestos is likely to be in the position to pursue a compensation claim and if evidence is satisfactory the claim is likely to be successful.
There are three main illnesses which stem from asbestos; these include asbestosis, mesothelioma and cancer. All three illnesses and impact upon many peoples lives in a large way.
Asbestosis is the first lung disease which was discovered to be linked the material asbestos. This illness scars the lung tissue as the bodys acid attempts to break down the fibers of the asbestos material. This can be extremely serious as if the scarring continues to get worse it can prevent the lungs from functioning which will lead to even further injuries. This disease often takes around ten to twenty years to develop in its fullest form.
Mesothelioma is a form of cancer caused due to inhaling asbestos. The cancer targets the lining of the lungs and also the chest cavity, the abdominal cavity and often areas surrounding the heart. This is similar to lung cancer, but is different as the cause is not at all related to smoking. This is a very serious illness; the illness takes around twelve months to develop with very few people surviving the disease at all. People suffering from this illness are often between twenty and fifty years old.
Cancer of the lung is also a consequence of inhaling asbestos; this cancer also often stretches to the kidneys and also to the larynx. The period for the cancer to develop is often between fifteen and thirty years.
Quite clearly the illnesses associated with inhaling asbestos are very serious which also means that some people lose their battle to live against the diseases. This is a worldwide problem, with people making claims for illnesses all over the world.
Anybody believing they have asbestos in their home or at work must now contact a professional contractor who has been approved to remove the asbestos material. Failing to do this will mean that no compensation can be gained. People believing they have any symptoms should contact a medical professional as soon as possible. People who then wish to claim should contact a legal advisor such as a solicitor or claims specialist firm. In order to claim any money satisfactory medical evidence will be required, an in depth description of an individuals work history will also be required if a claim is to successful.