Blindness and loss of sight

There are many people who suffer from serious injuries in life, although blindness and the loss of sight are classed as one of the worst injuries. The loss of sight has a great impact upon the individual and does not only change their life physically but also emotionally. Great emotional strain is placed upon an individual losing their sight, the individual must also get used to having a life which has changed drastically. If the loss of sight has occurred as a result of another party, the individual who has lost their sight may be in a position to put in a compensation claim. For example a claim may be able to be made against an employer or if in an accident against the guilty party.
Different types of accident can lead to the loss of sight or even blindness; these include assaults or attacks, bright lights, chemicals, electric shock, grit, head trauma and sharp objects.
It is the responsibility of any employer to provide all working employees with a safe working environment; this may mean providing protective clothing or eyewear. Failure to fulfil their duty of care will leave an employer liable to compensation claims.
Attacks or assaults often leave victims with damaged eye sight or even blind, as well as having considerable emotional pain. Compensation may be taken out against the offender in some cases.
Bright lights are also known for causing loss of sight, sometimes on a temporary basis and sometimes on a permanent basis.
Chemicals are one of the most serious reasons for loss of sight and blindness occurring. Contact with the eyes can lead to serious injury, employers must provide correct protective clothing as well as insuring employees are fully trained and that chemicals are stored away properly.
Electric shocks are also a major cause of loss of sight or blindness; it is the shock to the body which causes this to occur. Electric shocks are not only possible at work, these can happen whenever an individual comes in to contact with electricity.
Grit and other particles are constantly used in the construction trade; small particles can enter the eye causing infection which may lead to the loss of sight or blindness. For this reason it is very important that protective clothing and eyewear are provided by employers.
Sharp objects are also potentially a source of the loss of sight or blindness. Many different types of jobs come into contact with such objects and therefore there is a large risk of accidents happening. Employers should have suitable policies in place for the handling of such objects and also the storing of such objects.
Claims with suitable medical evidence are likely to be successful as long as another party can be proved to have been in the wrong. Anybody wishing to make a claim should contact a law specialist such as a solicitor or claims firm.