Blue Badge Eligibility

The Blue Badge scheme has been created to ensure that those who most need the benefits offered by the badge receive them. This is a national scheme which is operated by each local authority throughout the UK, there is a limited number of badges for each area. In order to receive a Blue Badge an application form must be completed. This form will ask for numerous personal details and supporting documents will be required to prove the address and identity of the claimant. As well as having documents to prove these factors the applicant will also be required to provide evidence of why they are eligible for a Blue Badge. The eligibility criteria is the same throughout the UK and this will be set out below. In some cases an applicant may need the confirmation from a medical professional to prove they are eligible.

In most cases when applicants are successful they will be given a Blue badge that will last for three years. When this badge expires the individual will be required to reapply for the badge by completing the application process again; this will mean providing supporting documents again. In some cases the Blue Badge will only last for a short period of time.

If you are in receipt of the Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) you will be eligible to receive a Blue Badge. Is this is only a temporary payment the badge will only last for the duration of the payments that are made.

People who are registered blind are entitled to claim a Blue Badge. If you are in receipt of a war pension mobility supplement and/or you are a severely disabled service person or veteran you are eligible to claim a Blue Badge.

If you receive a supplement from the Department of Work and Pensions to run your vehicle you may be in a position to claim a Blue Badge.

Drivers who have a severe disability in both upper limbs and drive on a regular basis but are unable to turn the steering wheel by hand even if the vehicle is fitted with a turning knob will be eligible to receive a Blue Badge. If you are unable to walk or have substantial difficulty when walking you may be able to claim a Blue Badge.

Parents who have a child under the age of three who has a specific medical condition may be able to claim a badge. These are usually given when bulky material has to be transported or when a car is required for emergencies.

At present the maximum fee that can be charged for a Blue Badge stands at 2. This will be increased to 10 from January 2012; this will allow protection against forgery.