Blue Badge Exemptions

Whilst the Blue Badge scheme is operated on a national level there are some exemptions which are in place. These exemptions relate to numerous different matter including locations and the parking on private property. Badge holders are advised to check where they are parking at all times as there are certain local schemes in operation as well as the national scheme. Changes are to occur to the Blue Badge scheme from 2012 and this is like to change the amount of exemption which are actually in place. Some locations are not included within the Blue Badge scheme despite this being a national scheme.

One of the main exemptions from the Blue Badge scheme is the matter that four boroughs within London are exempt from the scheme. It was decided the due to traffic, congestion and parking problems these boroughs should not be included. The borough that are exempt from the Blue Badge scheme are the City of Westminster, the City of London, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and part of the London Borough of Camden. Within these areas free parking is not provided in the same places as with the national scheme. There is a limited amount of free parking available but this is located in different areas and has time restrictions in place.

Blue Badge holders are reminded that the badge is not a pass to park anywhere and that the Highway Code should be followed.

Badge holders cannot park in places where this a ban on loading or unloading, this is clearly marked using kerb markings. Similarly badge holders are not permitted to park in bays that have been reserves for certain user such as residents or loading bays.

In some cases badge holders may be exempt from paying road tolls, although this is dependent upon different locations and therefore badge holders are advised to check this prior to travelling.

Off street car parks do not by law have to offer Blue Badge facilities but they usually will. Privately owned car parks may offer disabled parking bays but these may not be free of charge. It is the responsibility of the badge holder to check whether a badge is accepted in a private car park. Similarly some airports do not offer free parking to Blue Badge holders.

A Blue Badge does not provide the driver the permission to park on a private road, in order for this to be permitted permission must be gained from the owner or responsible person for the land.

Some roads within London which are known Red Routes do not acknowledge the Blue Badge scheme and therefore charges may be given to badge holders.

Blue Badge holders are reminded that they must display their badge and parking clock showing the time of arrival at all times when seeking free parking.