Blue Badge Guide for London

Whilst the Blue Badge scheme has been created to offer free parking to those people suffering from mobility problems the National scheme has not been adopted in all parts of London. Within the capital city there are different rules and regulations in place which relate to the Blue Badge scheme. Certain areas are excluded from the free parking offer; these include the City of London, City of Westminster, The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and Camden. It is important to be aware of the regulations in place in these areas as the Blue Badge will not be recognised as a source of free parking; those people found to be attempting to use the badge in this area are likely to be subject to the parking fines enforced against regular motorists.

Whilst these areas are exempt from the Blue Badge parking scheme there have been special concessions created in some areas. It was decided that these areas would be exempt from the scheme due to the parking, traffic and congestion problems located here.

As previously mentioned, there are some areas which a Blue Badge will be accepted within Central London. Although in certain areas they will not be accepted and fines will be imposed on those breaking these rules. Areas which will not allow Blue Badge parking include resident parking bays during controlled hours, double yellow lines at any time, single yellow lines during controlled hours, suspended parking bays, diplomatic bays, doctors bays, out of order meter or pay and display bays, loading bays, solo motorcycle parking bays or taxi ranks.

The main matter to remember when parking in Central London is that a Blue Badge will now provide free parking within a pay and display operated car park; this is different from the National scheme which does allow free parking.

Blue Badge holders are able to park in certain parking bays in Central London which have been allocated as disabled parking only. Within these parking bays the badge holder is entitled to free parking. In some cases there are time restrictions on the length of stay available, for example some offer a maximum stay of four hours. The Blue Badge and its clock must be displayed at all times when using a disabled parking bay during the hours between 8.30am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday.

A Blue Badge holder can also park in a meter, pay and display and pay by phone parking bay. In order to park in one of these bays the badge holder must purchase a ticket. After the ticket has expired the badge holder is entitled to one hour free parking; for this to applicable the Blue Badge and clock must be displayed showing the time of arrival.

Blue Badge holders are reminded to check the differences between the scheme operated nationally and the scheme operated in London.