Campervan Insurance

Anybody who owns a campervan will be well aware of its value and also the importance of holding insurance on the van. Just like any other vehicle on the roads within the UK, insurance is required for campervans. This is for the safety of everybody on the roads, including the driver and also the other drivers on the UK roads. Gaining campervan insurance is very similar to getting any other vehicle insurance, the insurance can be bought from an insurance broker, a premium is paid which then provides the owner of the policy with a legally binding contract stating the cover provided as underwritten by the policy provider. There are many providers of campervan insurance; the majority of well known insurance companies which provide car insurance also provide campervan insurance. As well as many of the well known insurance brokers providing cover for campervans, there are many specialist insurance companies which specialise in campervans. These companies are able to tail individual policies for the owner, ensuring that the cover is exactly as required. Such organisations are likely to offer a much more personal service and understand the true value of a vehicle; it is likely that people with expensive and rare campervans will insure their vehicle with a specialist campervan insurance broker. Campervan insurance differs from car insurance in that the insurance for a campervan is likely to cover much more than the actual vehicle. A campervan which someone is travelling in is likely to hold many personal items which are likely to account for much more expense than the typical items held within a car. Also campervan insurance is often extended to external items such as awnings and gas bottles. Such items are expensive and therefore it is very important that the insurance covers these, a specialist insurance broker will undoubtedly understand this.
It is only in recent years which many insurance companies have begun to offer insurance cover for campervans. In previous years many owners have struggled greatly to find cover, especially when people are wishing to stay over night in their campervans. Many insurance companies failed to see that this is the major purpose of the campervan and fundamentally this was the reason for the design of it. Larger insurance companies have only begun to offer insurance policies as they have seen that the market is lucrative and that many small businesses were successfully operating from offering campervan insurance.
The best place to find the cheapest campervan insurance is to use an insurance comparison website which enables the user to the prices of all the different insurance companies available to an individual user. Although as the campervan is a specialist industry it may be worth considering that not all providers will have a website or appear on a comparison website. It may be the best option to check out campervan enthusiast websites and read about insurance brokers, their history and peoples opinions on the brokers before taking out any policy.