Can I get a Blue Badge for Autism?

People who suffer from autism or parents that have a child that suffers autism may be in a position to claim a Blue Badge. Adult sufferers are able to complete an application on their own behalf, although a carer could also do this on behalf of the individual. Parent can claim a Blue Badge on behalf of their child, this will allow them to gain all of the benefits associated with the badge. The point in the criteria that makes children and adults suffering from autism applicable for the Blue Badge scheme is, They are unable to walk or have very considerable difficulty in walking because of a permanent and substantial disability.

Parents of children who would like to claim a badge but feel they do not make these criteria should consider the following information. When assessing a case the local authority will consider numerous different factors. They will assess whether a child cannot take a single step, whether a child is virtually unable to walk and this takes into account the distance, speed, length of time and manner in which a child makes progress on foot. Finally the assessment will judge whether walking would bring danger to life or would result in the deterioration in health.