Can I get a Blue Badge if …?

Can I get a Blue Badge if I am partially sighted?

You could be in a position to claim a Blue Badge if you are partially sighted. Whether you are provided with a badge will depend upon the extent to which you can see. If you are blind in one eye or completely blind you will become automatically eligible to claim a Blue Badge. In such cases you will be able to fill out an application form and claim the badge straight away. On the form there is a section labeled Automatic Eligibility, people suffering from blindness automatically fall into this category.

People who are partially sighted and wish to claim a Blue Badge will be required to gain the opinion of a medical professional. If a medical professional believes that the claimant is eligible for a Blue Badge they must provide written evidence. This must then be sent to the local authority who will decide on the case.

Each case must be provided with the relevant supporting materials, this will include proving the identity and address of the claimant. In some cases a Blue Badge may not be issued just because of partial sighting difficulties.