Car accident liability who should admit it?

There are many car accidents which occur every year on the roads of the UK, and the majority are down to human error. Also, in the majority of cases there are normally more than one car involved in the accident. As there are many car accidents on the roads of the UK it is a legal requirement for all car divers to hold valid insurance on their cars. This insurance is not only place to ensure the owners own car is covered but it also ensures other peoples cars are covered if in involved in an accident.
It is important for all car drivers to be aware of the process which occurs after an accident. For example it is the responsibility of those involved in the accident to exchange details and to collect the relevant evidence. Although one of the key pieces of information which an insurance company will ask for before an accident claim is processed is who is responsible, or who is admitting liability.
In the majority of cases where the accident was clearly one drivers fault and they have damaged another persons car, then the person who caused the accident should admit liability. This will then mean that the persons car who has been damaged through no fault of their own will be repaired at no expense to them, the costs will be covered by the other drivers insurance. This is a simple case which should require little intervention from the drivers or insurance companies.
Although in some cases who should admit liability is not totally clear, it is important for drivers to be aware of the details so that people do not wrongly admit liability. For example if a driver goes in to the back of a car due to the car in front breaking rapidly without reason, the driver who to drove in to the back of the car will be held responsible, and they should therefore admit liability.
When there is a line of traffic all involved in a large crash where each car goes into the back of another, there will be several people who should admit liability. For example whenever a driver goes in to the back of another car, they should admit liability. Only the car at the front who does not go in to anything will not have to admit liability, even if they are the cause of the pile up. In the majority of cases the reason for this is due to insurance companies stating the cars must have been following too close without adequate stopping difference to cause a crash.