Car Accident with a dog

Although in the majority of cases it is humans who are involved in car accidents, in some cases peoples pets unfortunately become injured. In relation to pet accidents, the most common pet to be involved in a car accident is unsurprisingly dogs. Such accidents may occur due to dogs running around without their owner being aware, the owner may be walking the dog but it runs off or the car driver may make a human error and hit the dog. Regardless of how the car accident happens it is important for dog owners and also car drivers to be aware of what to do if a dog is injured.
If a dog is injured in a car accident some insurance companies will cover the costs of veterinarian bills, although this will depend on many circumstances. For example it will depend on the insurance company, the drivers policy and also how expensive the costs are. Unusually injuries to dogs in car accidents are regarded as property damage in the view of insurance companies. Due to this, in order for a dog owner to claim compensation successfully they must prove who was at fault. If dog owners are unable to claim compensation from the car owners policy, in the majority of cases the persons home owner insurance policy will cover the fees. Dog owners are advised to check their home owner policy so they are aware of what they are covered for.
If the dog is hit by another driver, the key to gaining compensation will be proving who is at fault. The persons insurance company may some expense associated with the injury to the dog, although this is purely insurance company dependent.
If the dog is injured in a car accident due to the owners negligence, for example they hit the dog or the dog was travelling in the car when an accident occurred, it is unlikely that insurance will be paid out. The majority of insurance companies only provide compensation for injuries to humans. As the owner will be deemed at fault for the injuries to the dog it is very unlikely that a pay out of compensation will occur. Some insurance companies offer an extra payment which will cover the injuries of dogs, therefore dog owners are advised to take out such policies if available.
As the situation with compensation for dogs is a rather difficult one, do owners who are concerned are advised to take out dog insurance. This insurance will normally cover vet fees and any other costs which are inhibited due to an accident.