Carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide is highly dangerous and therefore inhaling large amounts of the gas can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Different people in different areas are exposed to carbon monoxide, people who have been exposed to this gas due to the negligence of other people, for example people at work, and are often in a position to make a compensation claim. Carbon monoxide must not be mistaken to the well known gas of carbon dioxide, which is relatively safe. There are different groups of people who are in the most likely position to catch carbon monoxide poisoning; these people are more vulnerable of catching the gas quickly. The people who are most at risk are people with heart or breathing difficulties, babies, young children and pregnant women. People who have pets at home which die suddenly, where a death is unrelated to illness or old age should seek professional advice as to whether carbon monoxide is within their homes atmosphere, pets are often the first to show carbon monoxide poisoning. For people who are worried about carbon monoxide being present within their homes, detectors can be bought which show whether the gas is present. These detectors are often classed as important as carbon monoxide is known as a silent killer. Organisations should invest in these detectors to ensure that workers are not exposed to the gas if it is present, this may help to prevent substantial numbers of compensation claims.
There are many symptoms related to carbon monoxide poisoning, although the main one is constant headaches. Other symptoms also include, feeling sick, tired, and dizzy, confused, being, having abdominal pains, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. Clearly these are quite broad symptoms and therefore people should seek medical advice if they feel they have any kind of poisoning. These symptoms are all ones which are similar to food poisoning and the flu, although the eventual consequences of carbon monoxide poisoning are much more serious. One way to consider if you do have carbon monoxide poisoning is that if the symptoms become less severe away from the typical environment in which the symptoms are worst. The longer carbon monoxide is breathed in, the worse an individual will feel, balance, vision and memory may become worse. As carbon monoxide poisoning develops further, the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning become worse, these include confusion, memory loss and co-ordination problems.
Anybody who feels they have inhaled carbon monoxide due to the negligence of someone else or the failure to up keep a property properly may be in a position to make a compensation claim. Many solicitors and compensation claim firms offer no win no fee services for making claims for carbon monoxide poisoning.
The amount of money which a person will make if a compensation claim is successful depends entirely on the amount of time a person has been exposed to the gas and also on the reason for the poisoning occurring. In the past people have claimed in excess of 50,000 due to large amounts of exposure to carbon monoxide.