Cardiff shops seek compensation for roadworks

Numerous shop owners in Cardiffs traditional arcades are seeking compensation from the council for the disruption caused due to roadworks near their businesses. The roadworks which are occurring on High Street and Mary Street have cost the business owners thousands of pounds in trade according to the shop owners. As a form of compensation, the council has provided each business with a 300 discount on business rates and have stated that the work is short term. Although the businesses state this is not enough and want up to 10,000 each in compensation. The 53 shops which have been impacted upon in the Castle, High Street and Duke arcades within the traditional heart of the city centre have formed an association to put their case to the council. One shop owner has stated that the council has refused to accept how disruptive the roadworks have been on business. An owner of a hairdressers stated, Weve been told the work will stop on 14 November and then continue in January. But we think they should be working around the clock to get the work finished as soon as possible. Cardiff Council has stated, The work to create a Castle Quarter and pedestrian friendly environment for High Street and St Mary Street is designed to enhance the city centre. There has been some inevitable inconvenience to traders as a result of this work but Cardiff Council has done its best to consult closely with businesses throughout and minimise disruption as much as possible.