Catering Vans

Catering vans are popular suppliers of convenience foods which are often found in locations where food is often not available. The catering unit is often in the shape of a trailer which allows it to be towed to the destination in which is it intended to be used. The vans usually have the ability to cook hot foods and also have refrigeration units which allow drinks, meats and other foods to be chilled. The trailer has often been modified to include cooking materials such as deep fat fryers, a grill and sink. Due to UK legislation all food preparation surfaces in an area which is classed as a public kitchen must have stainless steel work tops; therefore catering vans must also have this.
These catering vans are very popular with many people especially due to their convenience; many are often parked in lay-bys where truckers stop for a rest. Vans can also often be found in retail centre car parks, DIY car parks and at leisure events. The catering van is very popular ate events such as football matches and horse racing, such events often have different vans supplying different types of food.
The most well known catering van, especially within the UK, is the traditional ice cream van. These have been in the country for several decades and have on board freezers which mean ice creams and other goods can be sold to consumers. Ice cream vans become increasingly popular during in the summer. As the weather in the UK is seen as very unpredictable many ice cream van owners have chosen to diversify their business and also provide other goods which differ from ice cream, for example many now offer pick and mix sweets.
Other catering vans which are often seen include burger vans; such vans often sell meat products such as burgers, cheese burgers and hot dogs. These are popular stalls at many leisure events. It is common to find these catering vans at football grounds, the prices are often very expensive in relation to the product, with the average price of a hot dog being priced at around five pounds each. Although it is often the case that the owner of the catering van has had to pay the football club to pitch their van their.
Catering vans which supply breakfast foods are also very common and popular. Such vans provide anything from bacon sandwiches to full cooked breakfasts. These vans also provide hot drinks, they often popular with people who are travelling to work. Some vans of this type sometimes travel to large industrial sites where there are no food outlets in the near surroundings; this presents them with an ideal market for their business.
People who own catering vans are required to obtain health and safety, along food hygiene certificates from their local authority which provides them with the right to trade. These vans must also meet certain standards which deem they are safe to provide food to the public from.