Childrens Headphones

The world of music is an enormous industry and has been for many decades, people enjoy and love music. The development of new technology in recent decades such as MP3 players has seen the market of personal music players revolutionised. Not only this, the MP3 player has also helped to open up the target market of music, with young children now being targeted. Childrens characters such as Bob the Builder releasing songs has led to children becoming highly interested in music and has also led to the increase in peer pressure in regards to owning a personal music player. Many books are also now available in audio form, with children now being educated in a vast variety of methods due to research proving this is how children learn best. Although some parents may be reluctant to purchase children personal music players as they fear that the headphones may damage their still developing hearing. Headphones which are provided with music players often go to a level of sound which may damage a childs hearing and may also bring consequences in regards to hearing in future years. Due to these problems being recognised, manufacturers began to manufacture childrens headphones which ensure that children can still access music and educational materials safely.
These headphones are used to regulate the sound level to a safe level for children, reducing the potential sound capacity of the music player being used. This is a majorly important product as it can help to prevent children damaging their ears; scientific testing proved that children were doing so through using regular headphones. The popularity of these childrens headphones has been huge and there are many manufactures producing these headphones including some of the most well known brand names such as Sony and Sharp.
Quite clearly for these headphones to be successful in regards to sales, this must appeal to both parents and children. Parents are looking for a product which provides the relevant safety features which can provide peace of mind that their childs hearing will not be damaged. Children want an attractive product which is stylish as well as durable. Due to this, manufacturers made these headphones in different styles, mainly focusing on the traditional types of in-ear headphones and large outer-ear headphones similar to the ones used by DJs. These were quite obviously made in smaller sizes to traditional headphones, which often are far too big for children. Another reason for the production of these headphones was due to several complaints about standard in-ear headphones being too large for children.
In order to appeal to children manufacturers have also begun to produce these headphones in different colours and also having themed styles. For example Disney has recently launches a set of childrens headphones which have been incredibly popular.
This product is a prime example of promoting safety along with a stylish product, such products are not often found and this can therefore be seen as revolutionary product.