Claiming unemployment benefit for the self employed

A self employed person is somebody who is responsible for making their own income through business or freelance activities. As they often hold the sole responsibility for making their own income they may face a higher possibility of not gaining a regular income if compared with somebody who has a regular income.

If a person who is self employed loses their business or freelance activities they may be in a position to claims benefits, although this is case dependent. Whether the person is eligible for benefits depends upon the national contributions that have been made. If the contributions are lower than the threshold then the benefits may be paid.

In order to be successful in securing benefits a self employed person who has become redundant must prove that they are actively seeking employment. In order to secure benefits this prof must be on the basis of looking for full time employment.

There are different kinds of benefit that a self employed person may be eligible for including jobseekers allowance and income support.

Benefits for people of the working age include the jobseekers allowance, this is a payment that is made to people who are unemployed or working less than sixteen hours per week. The benefit is provided in order to support individuals whilst they are actively searching for work.

Income support is also provided to people who are working full time but they do not earn enough money to live off. In order to claim this a financial assessment must be carried out.