CPS pays out for sex assault case

The Crown Prosecution Service has agreed to pay compensation to woman over its failings in dealing with an allegation of a serious sexual assault. The case which was occurring had collapsed and the CPS admitted that they had failed to put forward the recommendation for the man in question to be put through a retrial. The woman, who states she was attacked in London, will now receive a sum of 16,000 in compensation. The Director of Public Prosecutions for England and Wales Keir Starmer has issued a personal apology to the victim. The Crown Prosecution Service has also admitted liability for breaching the womans human rights. Mr Starmer stated in his statement, I am very sorry for the distress these failings have caused the complainant. I am determined this will not happen again. The woman who has not been named for legal proceedings, is being presented as Josephine and is now diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and was left suicidal by the ordeal. Josephine was assured that when her case was presented in the courts she would be able to give evidence from behind a screen. Although on the day of the trail the woman was told there was not a screen available and that she must face the man. Josephine has stated she was left petrified by the ordeal. While in the witness box, she inadvertently let slip something about the mans history which stopped the trial.