Deafness and Hearing Problems

There are many people who suffer from hearing problems and some who suffer from deafness. Quite clearly hearing is an important part of everybodys everyday life, the loss or damage to hearing can impact greatly upon an individuals standard of living. If the hearing problems or deafness has been caused through the fault of another party, then the individual may be in the position to make a compensation claim.
Hearing problems are commonly reported from people working within the building and construction trade. This is mainly due to the noisy machinery which is used on building sites and also the cumulative noise made from all machinery being used. As there is a clear risk of hearing being damaged, it is the employers responsibility to offer suitable protective equipment in order to protect the health of employers. In this case, protective ear covers should be provided in order to protect the workers from the loud noise being produced from the building site.
People who have hearing problems may have these on a temporary or permanent basis. Temporary problems are often known as ear infections which are often painful and are treatable with antibiotics. Ear infections are common with many people and can also mean a temporary loss or reduction in the level of hearing. More serious hearing problems may be permanent, often caused through extensive exposure to loud noises, such as those on building sites. This may mean the loss off hearing in one ear or a considerable reduction in the level of hearing which an individual holds. Hearing aids are often provided to people, who have a reduced level of hearing, this is intended to increase the level of hearing an individual holds. Hearing aids can be expensive to buy and some people also find them uncomfortable to wear. Unfortunately in terms of surgery there is very little which can be carried out in order to help regain the potential to hear properly.
People who are deaf as a result of another party are likely to be able gain considerable compensation damages. This compensation will help to aid the person in catering for the changes which will needed to be made to their lifestyle. People going deaf is common within the industrial sector and therefore many claims come from this area. Employers should make reasonable adjustments for any deaf people within the organisation to allow them to operate just as any other person in the organisation.
As hearing problems are a common concern with many people, people may not consider whether the injury has occurred through work. Anybody who believes that the injury or deafness has occurred due to the fault of another party should firstly get medical advice. Once this advice has been gained and a medical report has been completed, the individual concerned is advised to contact a legal professional such as a solicitor or specialist claims firm. The legal advice will increase the chances of a claim being successful, with many operating on a no win, no fee basis.