Driving abroad tipsDriving abroad can be very difficult compared to

Driving abroad tipsDriving abroad can be very difficult compared to driving in the UK and there are numerous things to remember when doing this. One of the main differences between driving abroad and driving in the UK is the fact that other countries usually drive on the right hand side of the road. Many people who usually drive in the UK will find it difficult to get used to. Becoming familiar with the roads abroad as quickly as possible is highly important to ensure that accidents to not happen when driving abroad. Before driving abroad it is advisable to be fully competent with driving in the UK; some countries will stipulate a requirement of holding a driving licence for three years before driving in a foreign country.Before driving abroad it is always important to establish what the rules of the roads are within the country. There are different rules that are held for driving across the world and therefore it cant be assumed the rules will be the same as the UK. The rules for driving abroad will usually be found in the highway code, these can usually be accessed through the internet. The roads abroad are often not to the standard to the roads in the UK and therefore it is important to plan routes carefully before driving. A map should always be used in order to plan the route. It is always useful to get advice from people within the local area when wishing to drive somewhere. When planning a journey it is advisable to be aware of where the petrol stations are in order to ensure that the car can be topped up. Being fully aware of the speed limits and what the different signs mean is very important in order to ensure that driving is safe whilst abroad.Driving abroad can be especially difficult for people who are not fully confident with driving in the UK. It is worth remembering that other countries have rules in terms of driving age and what is permitted. When attempting to hire a car abroad the hire company will require to see a persons UK driving documents. Usually proof of driving licence and other documents such as proof of address will be required. It is advisable to check what documents will be required before travelling abroad.