Family Ticket London Underground

The London Underground is a unique underground travel service which is offered within the city of London. It is recognised as the easiest and cheapest way of travelling around the city. The tube, as it also known, is highly popular with tourists and also residents of London. It travels throughout the city of London and therefore allows people to travel large distances in a short amount of time whilst underground.

The London Underground no longer operates a family ticket option but does offer numerous benefits for adults travelling with children. In certain cases children can travel for free and therefore no money has to be paid by adults.

Children under the age of ten can travel for free at any time on the London Underground. The only restriction in place is that there is a maximum of four fee free children travelling per paying adult.

Children who are aged eleven to fifteen will be required to obtain an Oyster photo card, this is also free. There is not a limit on the amount of children of these ages who can travel with a paying adult.

Those children who are sixteen or above will be able to travel on the London Underground half price, although this will cease when they become seventeen. In order to obtain this benefit identification may have to be provided.