Family Ticket to Legoland

Legoland is located in Windsor and is a theme park that has been created to target children who are between the age of three and twelve. Within this location the children are considered heroes, the attractions markets itself as being beyond the imagination.

There over fifty five different interactive rides which children can enjoy and there are also live shows on offer. As well as this there are building workshops, driving schools and different attractions constructed from lego. This is one of the most unique family attractions within the UK, it is set in one hundred and fifty acres of parkland.

As well as children enjoying the attraction many adults also enjoy visiting, there are different attractions that have been created in order to please the whole family.

Family tickets can purchased for visiting Legoland, buyers should be aware that there is a premium when buying tickets at the location and therefore online purchasing is advised. The price for a family of three, this comprising of two adults and one child is 85.50. For a family of four with two adults and two children the price is 114.000. There is also a ticket for a family of five, this will comprise of two adults and three children, the price standing at 142.50.