How do I claim air miles

The majority of airlines now provide the reward known as air miles, these can often be used to reduce the cost of future flights or can even amount to free flights in the future. Air miles can be collected by anybody who uses airline companies, although they are most popular with frequent flyers. The loyalty air miles are also popular with businesses who can collect the miles top pay for future flights for people within their business. As well as offering standard reward policies there are often extra air miles incentives for regular flyers.
In order to claim air miles people should first register their details with the airline which they regularly use. People should be aware that each airline has an individual loyalty service and therefore the collection of air miles is airline specific. Air miles claimed from one airline can not be transferred to another and therefore the purpose of these schemes are to keep people flying with one airline. Once the person has registered they may be able to collect air miles from numerous different methods, including flying on the airline. Earning air miles can also be completed from using a credit card, car rental or hotel stays. These can be redeemed if the airline offers such services. Some external companies also allow people to earn air miles through buying their products or using their services.
In order to claim air miles in the majority of cases people can register on the airlines website and then use their online account to claim the air miles. In some cases there may be a quota before air miles can be claimed, although this is air mile specific. There is a link within the account which will allow the air miles to be redeemed, this link will guide the person through which will allow them book a reward flight or to receive a discount. People will have the choice whether to use their air miles on their next flight they book or to save these for future flights. Different airlines operate different policies and therefore there are different advantages of using the services offered. Air miles are offered by many different organisations who have set up links with air lines. Some banks and credit card providers now provide their customers with the opportunity to claim air miles when they use the credit card they have been provided with.