How do I claim incapacity benefit

Incapacity benefit is funding that is available to individuals within the UK, the money is funded by the government. The benefits have been created for people who can not work because of illness or disability; if this is the case they may be in the position to claim incapacity benefit, this is a weekly payment that is made to people under the state pension age.

Individuals may be able to claim the benefit if they are unemployed, self employed or they are working for an employer but are unable to claim statutory sick pay or they may have been claiming statutory sick pay in the past but this has now stopped. This is money that is paid by employers to employees who are away from work for four days or more in a row.

Some people may also be able to claim incapacity benefit if they have special medical treatment. In this case special medical treatment is considered as dialysis, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, plasmapheresis and total parenteral nutrition for gross impairment of enteric function.

People who feel they are in the position to claim incapacity benefit are required to complete an application form. Once this application form has been completed it should be sent off and this will then be considered. Some people may wish to obtain help in completing the application form, this can happen at the Jobcentre Plus or at the local government.

Part of the assessment of the application form will mean that the injuries or disability that have been stated will need to be checked. Claimants will be expected to provide medical evidence in order to show that they are truly suffering from what they have stated. This is often a rigorous process as many cases in the media have seen people claiming the benefit when they are not eligible.

How much individuals will receive is likely to be dependent upon the extent to which they are hindered from work. Each case will be assessed on its own merits and there are continual reassessments in order to ensure that people receive what they are entitled to.

Claimants will be required to complete a personal capability assessment, this will show what they are capable of in relation to physical activity. After this a medical examination will be carried out; the evidence from this will be used in order to support and assess the entitlement of the claimant.

After this a decision will be made and the amount that will be paid out will be agreed. Guidelines will also be agreed on the basis of what work and activities and individual should participate in.