How do I claim unemployment benefit

Benefits are available for individuals that are unemployed or working less that sixteen hours per week. These payments are made to individuals by the central government, although in order to receive the money the claimant must be in active search for a job and the payments are made on the basis of assisting a person to live.

The unemployment benefit can only be claimed if the criteria is met by the individual, part of this criteria is proving that an active search for work is occurring. The criteria also states that the individual must be aged eighteen or over but also below the state pension age. As well as this they must be either unemployed or working less than sixteen hours per week, they must also be located within the UK.

Before a claim can be made for the jobseekers allowance an individual should first assess what benefit they are entitled to. The options are contribution based jobseekers allowance or income based jobseekers allowance.

An individual can claim the benefit on the government website, on here certain details that are provided will be assessed in order to establish whether they are eligible for the benefit. Individuals will be required to provide their working history including when they were last working and the jobs they have recently applied for. Other information that will be asked for includes the state of an individuals finances, for example whether they have any savings in the bank. People who have a mortgage may be eligible for other benefits along with the jobseekers allowance. Individuals who are unemployed but have substantial savings may be refused payment of the jobseekers allowance. The JobCentre Plus in charge of monitoring payments of the unemployment benefit and therefore all queries should be directed to this organisation.

Individuals that have applied online may be asked to attend an interview, this will be used in order to assess the types of jobs that the person should be applying for. This interview will also be used to allow that Jobcentre to recommend jobs an individual should apply to. Failing to show that an active search for a job is occurring will lead to the benefit not being paid.

As well as being able to apply online for the benefit, individuals are also able to apply in person at the Jobcentre. This is regarded by many as signing on, it will take a similar process to the one online. For people who have never claimed the unemployment benefit the process is likely to be longer as certain information has to be obtained.