How to do a bank transfer

A bank transfer is relatively simple to carry out and can be completed by any bank customer. The customer can either complete the transfer on their own or they can ask their bank to complete the transfer on their behalf.

If a customer wishes to complete the bank transfer on their own they can do this through their internet banking platform. In order to send money electronically using a bank transfer method it is a requirement for the sender to hold internet banking. Once the sender is logged into their internet banking page they must select the account they wish to send the money from. After this has been selected the details of the recipient must be entered, the details required will be the receivers name, their bank account number and their bank account sort code.

Once all the information is imputed the sender will be asked when they wish to send the money, it may be possible to send the money instantly or they may have to choose a date from numerous different dates provided by the bank. After all the details have been entered the sender will be asked to review the details and then agree to the transfer, the money will then be transferred.

A bank will complete a bank transfer on behalf of a customer, in order to carry this out the customer must visit a bank.