ID Card Compensation

The political party Labour have failed at the eleventh hour in an attempt to secure compensation for people who bought ID cards, this happens as MPs approved the legislation to scrap the plans for ID cards. The shadow ministers of Labour believed that the people who purchased the cards should be compensated as they bought the cards in good faith. Although this suggestion that compensation should be awarded comes as the party in power begins major cuts as they tackle to reduce a large deficit. A bill has been passed in the House of Commons to scrap ID cards and also the National Identity Register. Before this is made law it must first be approved by the House of Lords. The coalition government made a pledge to scrap the ID cards which were introduced by Labour, within 100 days of taking control in May.
The ID cards were priced at 30 each to buy and will be deemed useless when the law is introduced. People were warned by the Conservative party during the election campaign that if they were brought in to power, the cards would become useless and also attempted to warn people not to buy the cards. The Labour party stated that the individuals who own the cards should be provided compensation on the basis of justice.
The Government in power has rejected any calls for compensation, stating that the scheme has cost a staggering 292 million, with less that 15,000 cards being issued, this meaning that each card has cost around 20,000.
Immigration Minister Damian Green stated, this is by any standards a scandalous waste of money which lies squarely at the door of ministers in the previous government.