India Visa

Similar to many other countries India has a visa system in place, this has been put in place in order to regulate the people who enter the country and determine whether those people who are entering the country are doing so for the correct reasons.

All foreign nationals from outside India require a visa in order to obtain entry to the county, children are not excluded from this process. The only exceptions from the visa system in India are nationals who are from Nepal or Bhutan. Once visa application fees have been paid they will not be refunded regardless of the outcome of the application. Individuals who are travelling from places which have been marked yellow fever countries must also provide a vaccination certificate in order to gain a visa.

Tourist visas will be granted to those people who wish to visit the country, these will only be provided to foreigners who do not have residence or occupation within India. The main purpose of this visa is for people who wish to go sightseeing or to make visits to friends and family. Residents who can secure references from individuals who are resident in India may see a visa being granted at a quicker rate than those without.

Student visas are one of the most common visa which are obtained in order to visit India. This visa will provide a student with authorization to enter the country in order to undertake regular studies at education institutions which are recognised by the government in India. This visa will usually be granted for the period of study and it will require the educational institution to provide details regarding the studies the student will undertake. This visa will become valid from the date which it is issued on.

Long term visas can be obtained these usually last for up to five years. These visas will only be provided to individuals who are of Indian origin and therefore appropriate documentation will be required in order to prove this. For example relevant documentation can be regarded as an old Indian passport or any other documentation which has been sent to the application from the Government of India. Substantial checks will be carried out in order to establish whether an application is authentic.

An individual who is not an Indian resident or from the country will require a visa if they wish to undertake employment for an Indian company. An employment visa must be applied for in order to be accepted in to the country. This application will need personal details and previous employment history of the individual, the employing company will also have to state that they have offered an employment role and that they will be employing the person if they are provided a visa.