Injured at work can I get sick pay?

Accidents at work do happen on a regular basis and due to this it is important that employees are aware of their legal rights. In some cases employers may attempt to cover up what has happened or may attempt to avoid compensating the employee. There are strict regulations which should be followed by employers if one of their employees is injured within the work place. Failure to comply with regulations can see employers receiving fines and potentially those who fail to follow the regulations may face a court trial. The first step for an employer should be to detail the accident within an accident book which is held at the premises of the organisation. This book acts as formal record of all accidents which have happened in the work place stating where, how and also the injuries caused.
The injuries caused to the employee are of the most important, especially as it may mean an employee taking time off work due to sickness. From an employee perspective it is therefore important that they are aware of the legislation surrounding sick pay due to illness or injury which has been caused through an accident at work.
In the majority of cases employees who have been injured at work due to an accident in the work place will be entitled to statutory sick pay. The employer may also have a scheme in place to pay the employee more sick pay due to the accident occurring in the work place. If the employer is directly responsible for the accident occurring and subsequently the injuries caused, the employee may be in the legal position to make a personal injury claim. Personal injury claims can be made for both physical and psychological injuries caused through accidents within the work place. It is the legal obligation of all employers to provide a safe working environment for all employees. This may mean providing protective clothing, additional training or even ensuring workers do not exceed the European working time directive. Failure on the employers part to provide a safe working environment leaves them liable to a personal injury claim and therefore left in the legal position of having to pay any successful compensation claims brought against them.
People wishing to make a personal injury claim against an employer should seek legal advice from a solicitor or specialist claims firm. There have been many successful claims brought against employers due to their negligence. Employers who fail to pay sick pay to employees hurt in their work place are breaking the law and employees receiving such treatment are advised to contact either a solicitor, ACAS, a trade union representative or seek advice from the citizens advice bureau.