– what are they, and how do they work? – what are they, and how do they work?

For many centuries women have been wearing brassieres as an undergarment, these are known by their short name of bras. The under garment is worn to support and also elevate the breasts. The first brassiere dates back to the 14th century, from then onwards the bra has been developed and modified in order to produces better results. There are now many businesses focused around the design and development of womens underwear including bras. A bra typically consists of two cups and straps to hold the garment together, although this presented several problems in certain situations. A lady wishing to wear a strapless dress does not wish to have a bras straps on display as it disrupts the purpose of a strapless dress. For this reason the strapless bra was invented, this is also known as the invisible bra. This holds the same purpose of any other bra, to support and to elevate although crucially there are not any straps. This enables ladies to wear strapless tops and a strapless bra meaning the look is totally free of straps, the shoulders are left uncovered. This invention was revolutionary in the market of womens lingerie with many people seeing this as a brilliant invention.
Similar to normal bras, the invisible bra is available in different cup sizes, the suitability for each lady depending on their bust measurements.
The first invisible bra is considerably older than many people may think; the first was actually invented during in 1934. Clearly since then the invisible bra has undergone much development and modification in order for it to meet the needs of modern day women. In 1952 the invisible bra was developed further with it being developed and made available in a range of different colour and styles, the purpose of this re-launch was to make the invisible bra appealable.
The invisible bra is still available at present and major lingerie firms such as Wonderbra and Ultimo provide invisible strapless bras. As the range of ladies clothing has increased, the need for a durable invisible bra has also increased. Just last year in June 2009, Wonderbra re-launched their invisible bra; they stated they did this to answer the needs of todays women. The main problems it aimed to solve were the bra constantly sliding down and also the bra wearing down too quickly. New technology was used to produce a new bra which could stay consistently in the same position and also to elevate the breasts at the same time.
The ladies underwear firm which is highly successful owned by entrepreneur Michelle Mone, also offer an invisible bra named Day-Night Multiway Plunge Bra. This provides a unique technology of a silicon lining in order to produce a consistent elevation, this available right up to a G cup. This was voted on of the best bras in the market during 2008 and is available in stores such as Debenhams, priced at approximately 24.99.
Numerous other retailers and lingerie firms produce invisible bras at the same price as normal strapped bras.