Job questions tell me about yourself

Job questions tell me about yourselfApplying for jobs can be a nervous and long experience regardless of whether an individual is employed or unemployed. After submitting an application form the usual next step in most employment application processes will be to have some form of interview, this could be a telephone or face to face interview. Regardless of the level of job or the kind of job interviews will usually follow a very similar process. One of the key points in an interview will be when an interviewer asks questions to the interviewee about themselves. These questions will usually be phrased in a way that will allow an interviewer a bit about themselves in terms of their working and personal life.Whilst it is always important to be honest within an interview, it is also important to ensure that the right things are said at this point in an interview. Answers should be tailored to ensure that an interviewer is interested and appreciated what they are being told. Not only this, but the answer provided should help suit the job that is being applied for. When an interviewer is asking these questions they are interested in understanding whether a person has a genuine interest in the industry in which they are applying for a job in. Quite often the jobs that are within the about yourself section in an interview will include asking questions around hobbies. Employers are generally interested in what people do outside of work so that they can get an overall assessment of a candidate. For example somebody that is actively involved in team sports could be a perfect individual for working as part of a large team or they make a great leader. Obviously playing sports alone will not give this answer but it will provide some indication to the candidate overall.Employers are not generally looking for specific answers when they are asking candidates to talk about themselves. Some employers feel that is very important for people to have interested outside of work and therefore this may be why they ask the questions. Some employers may choose to pose this question at the start of an interview in order to set the scene. If this is the case, an employer will usually be looking for a career and educational overview. In most cases this will be a high level but questions may then be asked about certain aspects. It is always important to ensure that whatever is said within an interview matches up with the CV that has been submitted for a job.