Knee injury claims

There are many people who are likely to have suffered from some sort of knee injury, whether this is from leisure activity, through work or through any other avenue. Knee injuries can often be serious and can largely impact upon a persons ability to walk, therefore ultimately affecting their life on a whole. Different parts of the knee are often injured such as the ligaments or the tissue, each different case is often unique. Serious cases also often require surgery which may leave a person in hospital for a large amount of time. If a knee injury has been caused at work due to faulty equipment, the failure to provide equipment or any other matter which is down to the organisation, there is likely to be the potential to make a compensation claim.
Different categories of injury can be caused to the knee, these will be explained below. The types of injury which can be caused to the knee include sprain, strain, bleeding in the joint, torn meniscus and torn ligament.
A sprain often occurs if the knee has been overstretched or twisted, these are such incidents which often occur within a trip, slip or fall. This could potentially occur due to an obstructed or wet floor in a work place, this would provide the potential for a claim.
A strain is similar to a sprain and is often mistaken for a sprain; the major difference is that within a strain the muscles or tendons are overstretched.
If a ligament is torn, which is often a serious injury; a consequence can be bleeding within the joint which is often uncomforting for the suffering individual.
A torn meniscus refers to the cartilage within the knee this can tear if the knee joint is bent or twisted. This is a common sports injury and also many work related injury claims have been for torn meniscus.
A torn ligament is a common injury which often provides a large noise when it tears, the ligaments are a major part of the knee and therefore the injury is often painful.
A knee injury which is not obvious will often provide similar symptoms no matter what the damage caused is, these symptoms are pain, swelling and instability. A knee which is clearly injured may also give way as it struggles to support the weight of the body. Knee injuries can often be prevented by keeping a reasonable level of personal fitness, always carrying out the correct carrying procedure when lifting and also ensuring a warm up and down is completed when participating in leisure activities.
Anybody who believes they have a knee injury as a result of somebody else is advised to seek professional legal advice from a solicitor or claims specialist. Before contacting anybody about a claim, medical evidence showing details of the injury are likely to be required as an aid in the compensation claim process.