O2 is one of the leading telecommunications businesses

O2 is one of the leading telecommunications businesses within the UK; it offers numerous services including mobile phone products and Internet services. The business provides different services to both the public and private organisations. The company prides itself on being the market leader in non voice services, this includes services such text messaging, games and media messaging.

Within the UK the business has 18.4 million customers and 40 million customers across Europe. The business employees 29,000 people and is growing at a rapid rate.

Sales at o2 increased majorly when the business successfully secured the exclusive contract for the first generation of iPhones released by Apple. This contract has now been opened up to all mobile phone providers within the UK.

The o2 business is part of the Telefonica o2 Europe company, this includes numerous different telecoms businesses which operate in the UK, Ireland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. O2 is used as the main brand name throughout the different countries it operates.

A joint venture between the supermarket giant Tesco and o2 has been established, this sees a mobile phone operator with the Tesco branding being used with the technical support of o2 being used.