Orange is a French owned telecommunications business

Orange is a French owned telecommunications business that was established in 1994. The company offers numerous different services including mobile phone services and Internet services. The business is the fifth largest telecom operator within the world and in 2010 the company advertised that they had 210 million customers.

When the brand was started in 1994 it was owned by a UK company, Hutchison Telecoms, this business then sold the brand to France Telecom in 2000. The internet service provider Wanadoo was also rebranded Orange in 2006. The Orange brand has now become the main commercial face of the France Telecom business.

The business has become one of the most recognisable brands within the UK and it is now one of the most popular mobile phone providers. The Orange brand has become very recognisable within the UK due to the sponsorship opportunities that have been taken on. Most notably the business now offers Orange Wednesday that provides benefits for loyal Orange customers. Such benefits include two for one tickets at the cinema and two for one deals at certain restaurants.