Overview of what spinal treatments are available

Pains within the spine are common throughout many people of a variety of ages. Back pains can occur due to numerous matters including sports, excess/incorrect lifting, and incorrect posture, due to age or many more reasons. Due to such a wide range of opportunities to create back pains, a variety of spinal treatments must be available, these include, self help, medicines, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, physiotherapy, manipulation, injections and surgery. The treatment which is applicable obviously depends upon the extent of an injury, the treatment should also be recommended by a doctor, physiotherapist or chiropractor.
Self help relates to simply relaxing and hoping that the back pain heals itself, this is only suitable in extremely low rat back pain and it advised that medical advice is gained first.
Taking medicines can be on a self diagnosed basis and also from being prescribed them by a medical professional. Tablets being taken on a self prescribed basis are ones such as mild pain killers and ibuprofen. Medical professionals may suggest medicines such as strong pain killers, diazepam or morphine depending on the seriousness of the spinal injury. It must be noted that strong medication such as those mentioned can often be addictive and therefore are not prescribed regularly.
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is a treatment used to resolve spinal injuries through sending electric pulses to the skin. One side effect of this treatment is that it is often painful and is not always suitable or effective.
Manipulation can be used a short term method and is often carried out by a chiropractic. This may be effective for some people with minor injuries although for some it may not, for this reason professional medical advice should still be accessed first.
Pain clinics and injections are others methods which GPs may use in certain circumstances depending on the situation.
Quite clearly surgery on an individuals spine will only be carried out if totally necessary, this may also depend on the persons age and also whether the individual feels the surgery is totally required.
Rather than treatment being carried out, the best method is to prevent any spinal injuries at all. The best way to do this is to ensure a proper posture, a correct sitting position when working and relaxing, a correct lifting position and also not lifting excess weight. Taking regular exercise can also be used to help prevent any future spinal injuries.