Parents of Nimrod crash victim awarded 200,000

A jury has awarded the sum of 200,000 in compensation to a couple whose son died after a Nimrod plane exploded over Afghanistan. The couple, Robert and Priscilla Dicketts from Kent were given the sum at the Court of Session In Edinburgh. Oliver Dicketts was killed alongside thirteen other service personnel who were on board the aircraft which was on operation near Kandahar on 2nd September 2006. The Ministry of Defence admitted liability. The amount of money paid out is the maximum possible with both Mr and Mrs Dicketts receiving 100,000 each. They stated, We would like to thank the jury very much for what we consider the value they put on our son. They obviously put the maximum they could and that is a great comfort to both of us. No amount of money, obviously, can bring him back. Cpl Dicketts was serving as part of the Special Reconnaissance Regiment; he was one of two non-RAF personnel on board. A fire broke out on the plane after in-flight refuelling, the plane was turned towards Kandahar and began a descent towards an airfield, although the plane exploded and broke up midair and crashed in the desert. A subsequent inquest and inquiry were critical of the state of safety. Last month the mother and sister of another serviceman were awarded compensation to the tune of 160,000. Other cases are believed to have been settled out of court, although one more case is believed to be held next month.