Police apology over Gordon Brown rubber mask removal

An anti-war campaigner who was hurt due to officers forcibly removing a rubber Gordon Brown mask from her face has received an apology and also compensation. The campaigner, Audrey White, aged 59, from Merseyside was taking part in the protests held in Manchester in 2008. She stated she was hauled to the ground by the police which led to her injuring her back and neck. Her initial complaint to Greater Manchester Police was rejected, but it has now accepted its error. Greater Manchester Police have now issued their sincere apologies to Mrs White. The injured lady, a founding member of Merseysides Stop the War Coalition had previously liaised with senior police officers and organised demonstrations. Mrs White was wearing the rubber imitation mask outside of the Labour party conference when an officer ordered her to remove it. Mrs White decline to remove the mask, two officers then forcibly removed the mask and dragged her to the ground whilst doing this. A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police stated, Regrettably on this occasion, it became apparent that the force had made an error in removing the mask from the womans face. For this the complainant was recently compensated at an amount which was mutually agreeable to both parties. The solicitor of Mrs White has stated how police officers should receive proper training in relation to how they use their powers and also training to indicate the rights of the public to freedom of speech.