Presenter Suing BBC

A former presenter for the BBC has explained in a tribunal how she was warned to be careful with those wrinkles when high definition comes in. The presenter, Miriam OReilly aged 53 is seeking compensation from the BBC due to alleged sex and age discrimination. The remarks which were made by director Dean Jones are in the view of Miriam, a representation of the BBC and how they believe women on TV must look young. The BBC has responded the claims stating they vigorously defend the case. Ms OReilly was not the only female to lose her presenting job when the show moved to a prime time Sunday evening slot, other presenters included Michaela Strachan aged 42 and Juliet Morris aged 52. The remarks which were made by Jones are said to have sent shivers down the spine of Ms OReilly and he also stated that the advent of High Definition would be crunch time for her career. Once dropped from the television show Countryfile, Ms OReilly continued her work on the BBC Radio 4 station, working on the programme Costing The Earth. Although she was then allocated an episode focused on pensioners. In the view of Ms OReilly she was given this programme on purpose, I felt they gave me a programme about OAPs deliberately to embarrass me. I thought it was payback because it was believed I had leaked stories about the BBC and ageism. The BBC will continue to fight the case, the tribunal continues.