Princes Street is one of the major and most popular

Princes Street is one of the major and most popular streets located within the city of Edinburgh. Not only is this street one of the major thoroughfares in the city, it also the main shopping street loved by locals and tourists. The street is the southernmost street of Edinburghs New Town, its stretches for around one mile from Lothian Road in the west right through to Leith Street in the east. People who wish to access Princes Street are likely to have to use public transport, as the majority of the space is closed to private vehicles. Very few buildings are located on the south side of the street; this means that amazing views of the Old Town, Edinburgh Castle and the valley between are visible.
This street is incredibly popular with shoppers, with many of the high street brands locating here, including Bhs, Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, Topman and Topshop. Controversy has surrounded buildings which were constructed in the later half of the 20th Century on Princes Street. This has led to plans for some of the buildings, including those which house Bhs and Marks & Spencer, to be demolished. The demolishment of these shops is believed to help improve the status of the street. Other problems which have been found is that the upstairs of shops is often used for storage, rather than for office, retail or living space.
Gardens are also located on Princes Street; The Gardens contain the Ross Bandstand, a war memorial to US soldiers of the Scottish descent and a floral clock. This is a very popular tourist attraction which brings in many people to the area. Two of the main art galleries which are located within Scotland feature at the foot of The Mound; these are the Royal Scottish Academy and the National Gallery of Scotland.
Located at the west end of Princes Street is St Johns Episcopal Church which is located on the corner of Lothian Road. This is built at street level directly above a basement crypt and small churchyard. There are also several fair trade stores which are offered in this space as part of the church, St Cuthberts Church is located just south of it, and this is in a much larger plot. In recent times the status of Princes Street has fallen slightly from when it used to be the most expensive place to rent a shop in Britain outside of London. Although the street still draws large numbers despite its apparent fall from grace. One interesting fact about Princes Street is that it is only one of a few streets in Britain which has an order from Parliament which prevents any further building on the south side in order to preserve the open vista which is offered here. With this order in place it is believed that Princes Street will be able to return to its roots and bring back the status which it once held.

Princes Street
Midlothian, Edinburgh, EH2 2ER