Probate disputes and remedies

Probate disputes and remedies The number of people contesting wills in recent years has increased majorly. No matter how careful somebody has been when selecting their will there are quite often probate disputes that need solving. Obviously this is a sensitive matter and it is very difficult to resolve probate disputes. Usually people who have a probate dispute will use a solicitor to try and find a remedy for the problem. It is worth noting that it is very difficult to resolve some probate disputes and some of them are never fully sorted. It can be expensive to pay for a solicitor to look in to a probate dispute in order to find a remedy. Most commonly probate disputes will arise when people feel that the existing will that is in place is not considered to be valid. There are also many probate disputes when people are claimed to have made a will without fully understanding what they are committing too or they did not understand what they were doing. There have been many cases in the past where claims have been made that people have been pressurised into making certain statements within a will; most of these disputes are usually family disputes. Whilst probate disputes are very difficult to solve it is worthwile using a solicitor to find a remedy.The most common reasons that are wills are contested are due to the validity of the will, undue influence, fraud, a mistake has been made, forgery and loss of mental capacity of the testator. Whilst allegations can be made, there must be suitable evidence in place that will allow the case to be considered. Not only this but quite often the number of people who are contesting a will is considered; if there is only one person contesting and many people accepting, the case may not be considered. Contesting a will is very complex and quite often specialised lawyers will be required to do this. When searching for a lawyer it is advisable to find somebody that has a great deal of knowledge within this area.