Questions to ask when choosing a conference venue

Questions to ask when choosing a conference venue There are many conference venues that are available for hire and the majority of them offer very similar levels of service. When it comes down to selecting the correct conference venues it is important to ask some very important questions. Obviously these questions will be tailored towards the individual requirements but there will also be some general questions that are relevant regardless of what the conference is for. One of key questions to ask when choosing a conference venue is around the capacity of the venue being offered. If this does not meet the requirements this is a quick way of narrowing the list of possible venues. Some venues will have numerous different conference suites for a client to select from; on this basis it is worthwile establishing what is different between the suites and also the price differences.After establishing whether a conference venue can offer a large enough space, it is important to establish whether the venue has the available dates. Many conference venues are booked months in advance and therefore this should be one of the initial questions. This is a quick way of removing venues form a list as they can be ruled out immediately if they are not available for a set date. Along with establishing the number of people that a venue can hold, it is also important to establish what kind of services are offered by a venue. The majority of conference venues will offer catering facilities or they will order these in from external organisations. It is important to ask questions around their capabilities of catering if this is a requirement. As well as the general catering, it is also worthwile questioning what sort of things are included within a conference venue; tea and coffee facilities are usual part of the majority packages. It is always worthwile asking about the parking facilities that are offered at a conference venue; some will have limited parking and this may impact upon the number of people able to attend. As part of these questions it is important to establish what the public transport links are like around the venue. Questions that should also be asked when trying to choose a conference venue should focus on the prices. How much a venue will cost is determined by many different factors; all venues have different pricing structures and therefore this should be included within the general questioning.