Rising Costs over NHS negligence

The costs which are associated with NHS negligence have increased dramatically, by almost a quarter in just one year. The NHS has now spent around 800 million in the last year to pay compensation for negligence; this is a sharp rise in the amount being paid out and also the number of people claiming compensation. The majority of claims are related to maternity services. Poor maternity in London is costing the NHS 27m a year alone, which amounts to a third of the bill for all compensation claims in the capital. The Conservative Health spokesperson, Mark Simmonds has said, we need a robust and fair way for patients who have received negligent treatment in an NHS hospital to get the treatment they deserver. Instead, we have an inefficient system which incurs vast legal costs for NHS trusts. Official records which have been consulted show shocking statistics, with 3,645 patients dying from infections which have contracted whilst in a hospital, mistakes whilst undergoing surgery and other medical errors. The figure is up 60% on the previous two years. The majority of compensation claims are now being processed by solicitors who are operating on a no win no fee agreement. Numerous claims have been made by people for slipping on wet hospital floors which have not been identified by wet floor signs. More serious claims have also been made, often with some individuals receiving millions of pounds in compensation.