Sky is a major brand within the UK

Sky is a major brand within the UK which offers satellite broadcasted television, the business was established in 1990 by Rupert Murdoch. The company is also known as BSkyB which stands for British Sky Broadcasting Group. The business was established after a merger between Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting. Sky has become the largest paid TV broadcasting service in the UK; it has over ten million subscribers.

At the time of its launch the business offered a unique service, although numerous competitors have now emerged; most notable Virgin Media which offers a very similar service.

Since its launch the business has continually evolved to provide even more services. Over time such developments have included sky boxes which allow television programmes to be recorded and live television to be paused. The most recent services that have been developed by sky include high definition television and 3D television services.

Sky has become the main broadcaster of sports within the UK; in particular the business offers many Premiership football matches. The sports package offered by Sky is an extra cost and subscribers must pay extra on top of the usual monthly fee.

Other services by the business include Sky Box Office, offering one of sporting events and Sky movies which offers a range of popular films.