Spray Paint Man

A man who suffers from schizophrenia has been awarded 4,000 in compensation due to him suffering from burns which occurred due to being sprayed in the face with CS gas by a police officer. The victim, David Johnston, aged 39, from Kirkby, began legal proceedings against the Merseyside Police force after this event took place in January 2006.
David was sprayed by the officers in the face, neck, ears and chest after he was found in a concerned state in a friends house. Although during the legal case, Merseyside Police held the view that the officers acted in an appropriate manner.
The court case lasted four days and took place at Liverpool County Court; a compensation figure was decided after the hearing.
Police arrived at the scene where David was located after Davids friend called for an ambulance due to the state David was in. Once an ambulance has been asked for, the operator will also action the police to the location, this is in line with standard procedure. When police arrived they used the CS gas at close range, to detain him, this was despite David holding out his hands showing you meant no harm. The blisters which were a result of the gas had to be treated in hospital.
Although Merseyside Police believed that the actions which were taken were necessary, the jury at the court case deemed the force used to be unreasonable.
A spokesperson for the force, after the outcome of the case had been announced stated that all claims of police misconduct are treated seriously and also investigated fully. This is the reason for defending all cases where the result of investigation shows that the officers have acted in the correct manner.