Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras in recent years have become increasingly popular, being used in the domestic home and also in public areas. The cameras are used to send a vision signal to a selected display which then displays the happenings from the positioned cameras, often in real time. Unlike television these cameras are only viewable by selected people; the signals are transmitted either through traditional multipoint or with more modern equipment through wireless signals.
Different kinds of surveillance cameras are available; the majority of modern day cameras are now colour cameras although black and white cameras can still be purchased. Globe cameras are becoming increasingly popular as they can be monitored to provide a 360 degree view. The majority of cameras are now wireless which means installation has become much easier. As well as the majority of cameras being wireless, most are now also recordable. Some cameras are not used to record and are just used to provide displays of areas in real time. Rotating cameras which automatically move through a mechanical movement are also popular to provide an overview of a large space.
The surveillance camera has become popular in domestic homes in order to provide protection against home break ins and also as a source of evidence if a break in was to occur. Many people invest large amounts of money in their homes and therefore people will go to great lengths to protect their property. People living in areas where anti social behaviour is popular have also installed surveillance cameras in order to film the trouble they have to cope with on a regular occurrence, this evidence can then be passed on to the police. Anybody wishing to install close circuit television on their property should also have a sign informing all people present at the property that they may be being recorded.
Surveillance cameras are not only popular within homes, they have also become very important in schools and the police now use cameras extensively. Schools use the cameras to protect their property but also to allow the monitoring of pupils within the building, any trouble occurring can therefore be recorded and referred back to in order to identify the culprits. The police also use cameras in this way in order to catch criminals and also monitor public areas. Cameras in schools are also used in order to monitor any unauthorised entry by people who should not be on the school property.
The high possibility of a terrorist attack in the UK has led the government to invest in large amounts of money in surveillance cameras which are being used to monitor terrorist threats. People are often placed under surveillance covertly using these cameras. Recent times have seen much debate over cameras being installed in public places with some people stating the nation has become a big brother nation. The police also use the cameras extensively to help with motor traffic accidents, to control traffic and also as sources of evidence when crimes have occurred.