Sweet pastry is an old fashioned pastry which is used on many of the traditional sweet foods made within England. This pastry is simple and is ideal for beginners, not only this but the pastry is very popular because it provides a delicate sweet flavour which is loved by many. The pastry is very diverse pastry and is used for foods such as pies, tarts, tortes and tartlets. There are many different pastries which also count as being sweet pastries, for example Danish pastry is considered as sweet pastry. Sweet pastry is also known by many as sweet shortcrust pastry.
This is a basic recipe to make sweet pastry and you are likely to find this a very easy recipe to follow.
The ingredients required are 225 grams of flour, 1010 grams of butter, 2 egg yolks, and 25 grams of caster sugar, half a tea spoon of salt and one table spoon of water. To begin the oven should be preheated between 190 degrees and 220 degrees, depending on the thickness of the pastry.
To begin sieve the flour, sugar and salt all into a bowl, ensure this is mixed without any lumps. Cut the fats into small pieces and gradually add these into the bowl. Rub the fats lightly into the flour in a squelching motion, the mixture is ready when a bread crumbs like mixture remains. Within the bowl, make a well in the middle of the mixture; this will add air to mix, stir in the beaten yolks and water. To mix this in, use a knife rather than a folk or spoon, once a soft mixture remains, the mixture is ready. It is important that the mixture which remains is soft and not sticky; a sticky pastry will not form properly. Cover the mix tightly with cling film and place to rest in a fridge for between fifteen and thirty minutes. Once chilled, remove from the fridge and roll out into the desired thickness. At this point, any left over pastry can be frozen and used on another date. This pastry can now be cooked in the preheated oven for between fifteen and twenty minutes. Once the pastry is cooked and cooled, the pastry can be used to produce whatever food is intended. Any fillings should be added at this point and any extra sugar should now be added. If wishing a glazed top on any of the sweet products, they can be done with sugar under the grill.
Apple pie is made with a traditional sweet shortcrust pastry, this can be done using the above recipe, then adding an apple compote, glazing and then adding plenty of sugar on the top. Different flavours and fillings can be added to the pastry to provide a different texture and tastes. There are many different versions of this recipe and therefore it may be worthwhile trying out different recipes to see which is best suited to the food being made.