The Camera Obscura is a unique show which is fascinating

The Camera Obscura is a unique show which is fascinating and highly amusing; it provides a different way of seeing the city of Edinburgh and learning about the history. This unique experience has operated for over 150 years and fulfils the requirements of many intrigues people. This centre is one which is regarded as a must see in regards to the tourist attractions in Edinburgh. Located within the mysterious Victorian rooftop chamber, visitors are able to view live moving images of Edinburgh which are projected on to a viewing table through the use of a giant periscope. Visitors are able to play with these images, picking people up on their hands, squashing them to a pulp and even making the traffic climb over paper bridges. Guides are provided at the centres that are located there to entertain visitors by telling the stories of the past and present; this is done in an engaging and informative way. Anybody who visits this centre will be amazed at how a simple array of mirrors, lenses and daylight can produce incredible panorama. People have travelled from across the world to visit this centre and see the fantastic mysterious views which are offered. The mechanics which are used within the Camera Obscura are a mix between a giant pinhole camera and a periscope. Located at the top of the tower is a dark chamber, located within this is a mirror at the top which reflects light downwards, this passes through three lenses before the stunning image of the city are reflected back on to a white table. The mirror can be turned and tilted in order to give a 360 degree view of the city. Everybody present enjoys playing with the images which are present back such as the people on the streets and the cars on the roads.
Excellent rooftop views are also offered at the Camera Obscura, the views are truly breathtaking, and the whole of the city and the surrounding areas can be seen. An excellent vantage point is offered; located looking over the Old Town and the New Town and Edinburgh Castle can also be seen. Telescopes are offered within the centre, this means that views can be seen for miles. This is an ideal location for taking excellent photographs of the city of Edinburgh.
The World of Illusions is also a facility which is located within the Camera Obscura centre. In here are some unique hands on exhibits which use light and illusions in order to see the world in different ways. One gallery offered here is the magic gallery, in here visitors can make their hands glow as if they are being x-rayed, see themselves multiplied in a giant kaleidoscope, swap noses, heads, paddle in a virtual fish tank and many other magic experiences.

Camera Obscura & World of Illusion
549 Castlehill, Edinburgh, EH1 2ND
0131 226 3709