Trade Description Act Fit For Purpose

Within the Trade Description Act there are numerous different regulations that a trader must adhere to. It is worth noting that all traders must meet the regulations that are labeled within the act; there are not any exemptions. The Act was created to ensure that consumers are protected when purchasing goods or services. Consumers can report traders that they believe are breaking the Act, in some cases the trader may be offered the chance to settle the dispute directly. Although when a trader is found to be breaching the Act on a major scale it is likely that prosecution will occur. That are maximum penalties in place that are relevant for trials that are held at Magistrate and Crown Courts.

Within the Act there is a statement that requires all traders to ensure that goods are fit for purpose and as described. Failure to ensure that goods are fit for purpose will represent a breach of the Act and this can consequently result in the trader being prosecuted. Essentially the statement fit for purpose means that all products should be able to perform in the way that they have been described. If a trader has stated a product holds a certain attribute the product must actually hold that attribute.

Fitness for purpose can refer to numerous different matters including the strength, performance, behaviour or accuracy of a product. The fitness for purpose statement is therefore linked closely to how a product is described. Descriptions are an important part of the Act and these ultimately are the foundations of the Trade Description Act. Products and services must be described by traders exactly how they are. By offering a valid description the trader can be assured that they will meet the regulations that are included within the Trade Description Act.

Traders who feel that they require help with the Act can gain advice from their local Trading Standards Office. This office is responsible for enforcing the Act throughout the UK; they are also responsible for prosecuting the companies that breach the Act along with the police.

A description of a product or service is not fixed to the written description that is provided. For example a description can be regarded as an oral discussion or an interactive exchange. Traders a required to be truthful about the description of products and services throughout any form of communication that concerns the goods.