Trade Descriptions Act 1998

Very few changes were made in 1998 from the original Trade Descriptions Act; the main points continue to provide protection to consumers. The lack of changes meant that traders had to continue to abide by the regulations stipulated within the 1968 Act. The only minor change made related to the regulation relates to the descriptions of products. The new regulation within the Act stated that descriptions would now stretch further than written or orally communicated descriptions. Those descriptions that are mentioned using interactive methods are now included within the Trade Descriptions Act.

The Act continues to include all of the other relevant regulations relating to the descriptions of goods and services. Included within the Act is also the regulations relating to the price of products. Traders must not stipulate a price is lower than it actually is and should not indicate a price has been lower before. If a trader wishes to sell goods or services at a different price all of the relevant advertisement material of the lower price must be removed.