Travel Fishing Rods

Fishing rods are the basic requirement for entering into a hobby or competitive sport of fishing. The rod is used to as a tool to catch the fish, it is often using in angling and casting. A fishing rod has a length of fishing lime which is attached to a long rod, a hook is on the end of this, and bait is often placed on the end of the hook. Bait often includes maggots or cold meats which are used to lure the fish towards the rod. Fishing are sometimes made of fibreglass, carbon, graphite, or more commonly bamboo. Although these rods are not suitable for people who wish to take their rods with them when travelling, for this reason travel fishing rods are now available.
These travel fishing rods are based on the traditional fly rod which are thin and provide a flexible rod, the material can often be bent. The material is usually lightweight, travel rods are usually made of plastic or more expensive rods may be made of carbon fibre. The travel rod folds up into a small pole which will easily fit into a travel bad or suitcase. There are many different types of travel rod, some have the fishing line continually attached and on some, the fishing line has to be added for every used.
The travel fishing rod operates just the same as any other rod; the rod is cast backwards and then quickly flung forwards so that the fishing line goes far out into the water. As travel rods are not as sophisticated as full size rods, these rods should only be used when a full size rod or advanced rod can not be accessed. Different types of travel rods go to different sizes; there are also many manufacturers of travel rods. These rods are aimed at people who are travelling abroad to go on fishing trips, at which point full size rods may not be able to be taken or the rods may cost a lot to transport, potentially having excess baggage costs with them. These travel rods are also popular with people who are going on camping holidays within the UK and do not have much space within the vehicle they are travelling. The travel fishing rod may be being used to catch fish which are then eaten, although this is not advised. As well as travel fishing rods being available, there are also travel fishing nets which can purchased which are used in the same way as a regular net.
These travel rods are capable of catching any types of fish and the most common fish which are caught include, pike, bass, pinfish, grayling and carp. Other marine species may also be caught depending on the fishing location; these include redfish, snook, tarpon, bonefish and striped bass. People using travel rods may find it difficult to withdraw heavy fish which have been caught from the water as the rod may not be able to support the weight.