Uses for and benefits of campervans day trips, holidays,

Uses for and benefits of campervans day trips, holidays, festivals, overseas travel, self contained, freedom to roam, mobility

Campervans are used by many people throughout the World for a variety of reasons; the campervan can be described as an alternative or even a similar vehicle to the caravan. Although unlike a caravan, the campervan is all in one unit, meaning the living area and the engine is all in one. The most well known manufacturer for the campervan is Volkswagen who produces an iconic campervan which is recognised all over the World.
As previously mentioned, people use campervans for a variety of reasons. Some people use campervans on a full time basis, using the van as their home. Although this may be viewed as unusual, the campervan provides the occupant with the freedom to roam and travel to whatever destination they desire. As well as being able to travel wherever and whenever the occupants have all the necessary requirements built into the van, such as a kitchen and beds to sleep in. Whilst this may not appeal to everybody, many people enjoy the mobility and the lifestyle which it provides. The opportunity to live in a campervan also provides a living which is much cheaper than owning a home where the running costs and also mortgage costs can be expensive. A campervan provides a cheap living where many usual rates associated with owning a house can be avoided.
The majority of people who own campervans tend to use them on a part time basis, possibly for holidays. The campervan provides people the opportunity to tour different areas and travel to many different places during their holiday. This increased mobility which the campervan offers means that many people are attracted to the campervan. These advantages present the campervan as a better method of holiday rather than a caravan, the caravan has to be towed and also often requires a larger plot to pitch it.
The campervan is also a popular for day trips; it provides a cheaper method of day trip rather than having to pay for a hotel or bed and breakfast. The concept of the campervan means that day trips can be attended regularly as the van offers more or less everything which is required. If the trip is long, then a break can be taken for something to eat or even a sleep. A daytrip is not the only option for the campervan, the van can also be used for overseas travel, and it offers a much cheaper alternative than many holidays. It also means that many different areas can be visited; it is a tradition for groups of people to visit an overseas area and then tour round in the campervan. If a multi policy of insurance is taken out it also means that different people can drive the van which means not one has person has to do all of the driving.
As well as daytrips and overseas travel, the campervan is also popular for use at festivals. This mainly due to it offering a better standard of comfort than the traditional tent which is used by many people at festivals.